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Our Cat Family


 King Franklyn Blue

Our handsome Franklyn Blue is a Blue point mitted Ragdoll who we welcomed to our family last year. He is extremely affectionate, and always the first to greet us at the door, and snuggle with us when we sit on the couch or lay on our beds. He is a talker and will respond and "demand" our attention when we come into a room . He has stunning blue eyes and a silky thick coat and has become the kingcat  of our household


Queen Ella

Where it all began for us. Our beauiful blue female was our first kitty to bring into our home. She is a Blue colorpoint and has a soft calming spirit and loves to spend time cradled in  my arms while I am doing work, or sunning herself in the window next to my bed.


Queen Apple

is a first time mommy and doing a marvelous job. She is a Seal mitted with stunning blue eyes and perfect ragdoll calm temperament . 

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