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Why Ragdolls?


   Ragdoll cats are the only breed of cat that is actually bred specifically for their temperament.Although a larger cat, it is actually the most docile in the cat family.

   Often  they are  considered "puppy-cats"  with similar loving traits,and their ease with being physically handled and need for affection... Of course,  without the maintence a dog requires.

True genuine TICA Ragdolls are loyal companions and happy for your attention, while still respecting your space. They are known for their laidback personality and relaxed nature.. Can you think of another cat that will allow itself to be carried around without putting up a struggle after a couple of seconds??  Although they have a calm disposition , the are not lazy but instead are extremely playful and very eager to learn tricks. Not only can you expect intelligent cats with this pedigree but they are also playful enough for fetch or leash training and loving enough to go limp in your arms when cuddled. You get the best of everything with this breed!

​   Unlike most breeds of cat, Ragdolls have no undercoat, which means they do not have excessive shedding  Their silky medium length fluffy coat requires very  little grooming..

Although Ragdolls are not Hypoallergenic, many people who have allergies to cats can have a ragdoll ( if there allergies come from cat undercoats  which Ragdolls do not have)..

​    Superior genetics found in my cats  Supreme Grand Champion bloodlines are much to be appreciated ... Finding a breeder with top quality  bloodlines over 5 generations will result in a better quality kitten. Also with superior genetic testing and experienced breeding practices for this beautiful line of cats  a 15 to 20 year lifespan is typical with the high quality genes, not the exception..

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